Bar Fried Entertainment to release first feature film "Legerdemain" June 1

(April 23, 2017 - Seattle, WA) - The Seattle independent film production company Bar Fried Entertainment will be releasing their first feature film Legerdemain at the Grand Illusion Cinema on June 1, 2017. To celebrate the event, their will be a pre- and post screening party with cast and crew. Tickets for the event will be available on the company and film official websites beginning May 1, starting at $25. The film will be available on DVD, digital download, and streaming on Netflix and iTunes beginning July 1, 2017.

Bar Fried Meme Photo

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About Bar Fried Entertainment

Founded in 2016, Bar Fried Entertainment produces the finest in independent fantasy, horror and sci-fi films from the Pcific Northwest. 35-40 year old males and females. Primarily white audience. Activegamer, comic, or cosplayer lifestyles. Professionals, with average household incomes of $60,000. Keen consumers of film, theater, and other forms of entertainment, as well asan active outdoor or family lifestyle. Fans of independent films, quality horror, fantasy andsci-fi, as well as cult classics. Examples might be films such as Excalibur, Legend, Alien, Evil Dead (and the subsequent sequels and even TV series), Star Wars, the Marvel film franchise, etc.

About Legerdemain

A family moves from the big city to a quaint cottage home in rural New England. Soon, the three children fall in love with the local woods near their home, the Faerie Woods. Finding themselves visited by actual elves and sprites, the kids venture into the magic realm, learning they too are magical beings. Also, that not all sprites are your friends. In fact, some want to steal your very souls!

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